German Shepherds


Our Accomplishments


German Shepherd Dog Club (SV - Deutsches Shaeferhund Verein) and AKC Titles

Our accomplishments with dogs, both of our breeding and those bred by other people, include the training and successful titling of the following A.K.C. Obedience Degrees:

38 Companion Dog (C.D.) Degrees earned
21 Companion Dog Excellent (C.D.X.) Degrees earned
12 Utility Dog (U.D.) Degrees earned
4 High in Trial (H.I.T.) Awards earned

The following is a list of Temperament Test Awards with which dogs, under our handling, have successfully passed:

38 Canine Good Citizen (C.G.C.) Awards
4 Temperament Test (T.T.) Awards
29 Temperament Certified (T.C.) Awards
6 Therapy Dog International (T.D.I.) Awards

20 Herding Instinct Certificates (H.I.C.)

Our involvement in the German sport of Schutzhund has led to the following achievements:

20 Ausdauerpruefungs (A.D.) Degrees
25 Begleithunde (B.H.) Degrees
10 Wachhunde (W.H.) Degrees
3 Schutzhund I (SchH. I) Degrees
2 Schutzhund II (SchH. II) Degrees
2 Schutzhund III (SchH. III) Degrees
2 Internationale Prufungsordnung III (I.P.O. III) Degrees
6 Koerklasse (KKL) Degrees

25 National/International Championships (IABCA)

Breeder of numerous guide dog graduates of:

Eye Dog Foundation of Arizona
Guide Dogs of America

(Click on picture for guide dog gallery)

During the course of our training career, we have had the opportunity to work with the training and filming of many dogs and other animals in the movie industry in television, advertisements and motion pictures:

Burger King commercial nights Angela Lansbury, Murder She Wrote alarm magazine ad Dave Gahan, Depeche Mode Sam Rockwell, Vanity Fair article Talladega Nights poste with Will Ferrell
(Click on pictures for larger image and details)


The Changeling
Eagle Eye (Shia LaBeouf, Billy Bob Thornton)
The Crossing Guard (Jack Nicholson)
Amityville 1992-It's About Time
The Minutes
Bad Men
The Breaks
Children of the Dark (Tracy Pollin)

TV Shows

Frank TV
CSI (Crime Scene Investigation)
CSI - Miami
CSI - Las Vegas
The George Lopez Show
Star Trek-The Next Generation
General Hospital
Murder She Wrote
Rosie O'Donnell Show
The Wonder Years
Jamie Foxx
Comedy Central's Distractions game show
Court TV: Psychic Detectives
Crime and Punishment
Mr. Belvedere
Later With Greg Kinnear
Arsenio Hall Show
Knott's Landing
The Garry Shandling Show
Enterprise (Star Trek)
Not Necessarily The News
Unsolved Mysteries
Something Wilder (Gene Wilder)
A Girl's Life
Christine Conwell Show
Cedric the Entertainer
Story Behind The Story
Blind Men
Skip Chaser

TV Commercials

Anhiesier Busch
USA Customs
Science Diet
Jack In The Box
Rainier Beer
Dreyer's Fruit Bar
Miller's Outpost
Pac Man
Auto Lock
Deal With It
Blue Freedom Dog Food

Music and Educational Videos

Lil' Chris
This Is Your Dog - The German Shepherd Dog
Depeche Mode (I Feel Loved)
Tom Jones (If I Only Knew)
Skid Row (18 & Life)
Jimmy Eat World (Pain)

Magazine Still Shots

Oriflame Cosmetics - photo shoot with Demi Moore
GQ - Talladega Nigths photo shoot with Will Ferrell
Vanity Fair - photo shoot with Sam Rockwell
May Co.
CNC Machining


German Shepherd Dog 2004 Calendar

Pina Bausch (live stage play)
Patent and License Exchange Office

For verification, we will be pleased to make available records of the accomplishments stated above for public viewing.