German Shepherds


Our Philosophy


I, Tina Lamey, am the proud owner of War Cry German Shepherds, located in Southern California. I have been training and showing German Shepherd Dogs as a hobby since 1986.

Because of the over-population of dogs in our society, I feel that before dogs, or any other animals for that matter, are used in a breeding program, they must first prove their worth both physically and mentally. My dogs prove their worth at licensed dog shows where licensed judges award them championships for their conformation and obedience degrees for their intelligence. I am very strict in my breeding program. Before a breeding is planned, both parents must have no disqualifying faults as described in the AKC standard for the German Shepherd Dog. They must be OFA certified for both hips and elbows, temperament tested and obedience titled. I never breed any long coated German Shepherds, nor do I breed any of the disqualifying colors such as white, blue or liver. Any puppy that does not meet the AKC standard is considered as being pet quality and will be issued limited registration papers and must be spayed or neutered..

Each litter of puppies I breed is assigned a letter of the alphabet. So if the litter is an 'A' litter, then every puppy in that litter must be named with a name starting with an 'A', preceded by War Crys' (for example War Crys' Alexa). The purpose of this is for accurate record keeping. You may call your puppy whatever you like, but on its' A.K.C. papers it must be registered with its' assigned letter of the alphabet.