German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois

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War Cry's Pather
Int. Ch. War Crys' Panther, CD

V Gino Vom Winnloh, SchH. III
(Deceased...Frozen Semen Only)

Int. Ch. War Crys' Dark Illusion, CDX
(Deceased...Frozen Semen Only)
V Orest Vom Farbenspiel, SchH. III
(Deceased...Frozen Semen Only)

War Crys' Tazer Shock, UD
(Deceased...Frozen Semen Only)

SG War Crys' Kavik, SchH. III
(Deceased...Frozen Semen Only)

War Crys' Storm
, UD
(Deceased...Frozen Semen Only)


SG Driny Z Atarova Sadu, IPO II

Int. Ch. War Crys' Zenyatta, CDX

Int. Ch. War Crys' Cianne Von Baltasar, CD

Int. Ch. War Crys' Windstorm, CDX

Int. Ch. Freda Ze Soutoku Sazavy, APr I
(Belgian Malinois)

Int. Ch. Ipolani Von Der Westkuste, CD

Int. Ch. Navee von der Salztal-hohe, CD

Int. Ch. War Crys' Geist Der Wolf, BH

National / International Champion War Crys' Legacy - CGCU, CD, TKA, BH